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    Name Plate & Acrylic

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    Name Plate manufacturing system!

    CNC HF1250-8

    Laminate  &  Traffolyte

    Acrylic Cover


    Acrylic Two - Back Panel

    WENG`s new Name Plate manufacturing system!

    ( CNC HF1250-8 )


    Manufacturing at Seongnam factory

    100 EA per minutes!

    Complete customize size as per customer request

    - Free delivery services in Gyeonggi-do

    Over 16,000 produced in 4th quarter 2018.

    Material List




    Phenolic laminate sheet for industrial flame retardant

    nameplate, it`s two layers with different materials and color.

    - nameplate, It`s three layers with more hard material than laminate.


    Acrylic Cover

    Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic often used in sheet

    form as a lightweight or shatter resistant alternative to glass.


    Acrylic Two - Back Panel

    Inside of transparent "two-back acrylic", there is a thinner white acrylic.

    After sculpting and coloring on this acrylic and  then flip over,

    is much cleaner because the letter is sculpted inside of acrylic.



    Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant steel that is intended

    to improve the resistance against corrosion ,which is the

    biggest shortcoming of iron.

    SUS is usually not much rusty than steel.

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